Ashford School Sports Map

Address Ashford School
East Hill
TN24 8PB
Telephone 01233 625171
Sport Map Legend
Main School
Main school can only be accessed via East Hill
Lat: 51.14968, Long: 0.87844
Ashford Prep School

Lat: 51.14095, Long: 0.82374
Ashford Rugby Club

Lat: 51.15691, Long: 0.88483
Ashford Town Cricket Club
The entrance to the annexe ground is opposite the entrance to the main ground. entrance
Lat: 51.10999, Long: 0.85513
The car park for the astroturf is halfway up East Hill on the left.
Lat: 51.14792, Long: 0.87828
Ball Lane
Ashford School frequently use Ball Lane as a home venue for Cricket, Rugby and Hockey fixtures. There is no direct vehicle access from the Canterbury Road.
Lat: 51.17142, Long: 0.89936
Great Chart Cricket Club

Lat: 51.14561, Long: 0.83519
Mace Lane field
There is no parking at Mace Lane, please use the car parks on East Hill.
Lat: 51.14990, Long: 0.88006
Mersham Cricket Club

Lat: 51.10918, Long: 0.92324
Sports Hall

Lat: 51.14788, Long: 0.87749
Stour Centre

Lat: 51.14574, Long: 0.87783